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What You Should Know Before Buying New Doors for Your Home

While selecting and installing doors may seem like a straightforward task at first glance, the design options and technical considerations required can actually be overwhelming.

Also, new door installation is only one of the many door-related projects that door contractors are best equipped to handle. Doors are some of the most used elements in a home. Few things are more noticeable then ill selected doors, or conversely, attractive, well-designed entryways. They are among the most visible finishing details in a house, one that you and your family will see every time you come home and anytime you pass from one room to the next.

Doors can dramatically change the façade of a house for better—in the case of a fresh door design—or worse, as with a weathered and worn door. Furthermore, given the extent of use that every door gets, it is important that your doors will reliably serve you for a long time.

Choosing attractive, durable doors that complement the other features of your home is therefore essential. A Diamond Certified door contractor can guide you through a wide range of design options and features, and help integrate them seamlessly into your home environment both inside and out.

New Home Door Durability
One of the most important features of any door has little to do with its appearance: durability or longevity. Door fixtures and handles will be used 10,000 to 20,000 times per decade, so to avoid having to repeat your door project again next year, it’s important to choose high-quality products.

Solid metal moving parts, for instance, have a much longer life than do plastic parts. Look for doorknobs that are guaranteed for a minimum of five years. It is not uncommon for an antique handle and lock features in well-built homes that are 100+ years old to continue functioning well.

The amount of energy required to manufacture package, ship, and install door features every 5 or 10 years Will cost you to pay dramatically more over the life of your home that you would by simply choosing high-quality fixtures that you like the first time around.