What is access control? Access control is about controlling all the access of the visitors or staff to specific areas with your permission.

For Example: As an operator, you manage how, who, when, and where the person has access to go.

Our access control at Toronto Emergency Locksmith provides an excellent way to monitor, manage and control of a full line of the latest access control devices. Whether you are looking for card readers, keypads, biometrics or any other method to control access to various areas of your residence or business, we will do it for you. We offer multiple solutions for Access Control Systems in the greater Toronto area.

Our Products and Services

–  User Friendly Access Control Software Systems

–  Fingerprint access control device

–  Fob Key Access Control

–  Access Control Installation Services

–  Time Attendance with Payroll Software

–  Surveillance Camera Systems

–  Bio-metric Access Control

–  Alarm Systems

–  Magnet Locks

–  Card Key Access Control

–  Keypad Locks

Access Control Security and Management

To gain entry using access control security system, every person can use either PIN numbers or the Fob Key. In highly busy and heavy traffic locations these systems provides extensive security such as in hotels and offices.

Access Technology- Nowadays most of the organizations use access control solutions to provide identity verification, time management and uses the database for their employee to keep a track on all the information and assets.

Accesses permissions to temporary visitors can be adjusted through this system that allows access to a person at a specific time and day. In case of misplaced cards they can be deleted right away without taking any further security risk.

Not All Access Control Systems Are Expensive

As we know access control simply explains how to control access to areas that allow specific users inside while keeping others out. In the past people have been using simple access control systems such as; key and lock. But with the evolving technology modern access control system has deepen the level of providing security.

For Instance; the use of chip based identification cards that are called as card access or turnstiles access. Everyone wants to protect his property. So contact us today or give us a call to install new systems to increase your security level.

Why choose access control instead of locks?

–  Very convenient and user friendly

–  Energy saving, money saving

–  Connected with your CCTV system

–  Flexible to use – Controls who goes where

–  Enables extra security with smart and simple door entry systems

–  Provides security to your building/office

–  24 hour protection

–  Central control – provides information about who is where and when

–  Email alerts

–  You are able to design your own ID cards

Specific Needs and Requirements of Clients

Survey- We undertake a free survey

Design– To meet each client’s specific needs a design is made

Installation- Our team of qualified engineers, at a given time reaches out and completes the project.

Maintenance– Maintenance and services through contracts

Contact Us 24/7 to Avail Our Services

By promoting a culture of accountability, and excellence, we are completely committed to bring you the best access control locksmith in Toronto. For more information about our access control services, please contact us on +1 (647) 767-6817

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